Prepare to Brace! The Snowpiercer Podcast! (Episode 310)

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 10 - "The Original Sinners"
Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 10 – “The Original Sinners”: Daveed Diggs as Andre Layton, Sean Bean as Mr. Wilford. Image Copyright Warner Media and TNT 2022.

Snowpiercer‘s third season draws to a close with “The Original Sinners”. Alliances are made and betrayed as the train races toward the Horn of Africa and Layton’s dream of New Eden. One second, quickly thrown together armies face off in an agricultural car, the next they’re hugging it out in the Night Car.

Your hosts, Paul, Cat, and Inez, team up one more time to give you their thoughts on this final episode of the season and on the third season overall. They also try to offer a glimpse into possible paths forward to what may lie ahead in season 4!

We discuss these plot points and more in this weeks’ podcast! Listen, rate, review, and subscribe to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen! And write in and leave us comments on, we’d love to hear from you!

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Recorded at Pod Clubhouse Studios using Cleanfeed and edited by Paul Daley.

3 Replies to “Prepare to Brace! The Snowpiercer Podcast! (Episode 310)”

  1. EL Mercy

    Man, I really love your podcast, but you guys are biased. I am team Layton and every time you say “this makes absolutely no sense” I think this makes totally sense.

    What was most annoying for me in this episode is Roche. Why would Roche agree to fight for Wilson, who murdered his beloved wife? Roche remained neutral during the First Snowpiercer War against Melanie, instead prioritized on maintaining civil order. He is a police man, not a soldier. Do the math Roche. Layton has hundreds of fighters. Wilford has a few dozen and Melanie has not a single one. The idea that the two former fascist leaders of the train have a “mandate” because most of the passengers (excluding the tail) support them is ridiculous.

    I think Layton is a great leader. Melanie may be the smartest person on earth, but being a nerd doesn’t make her a good leader. Andre is not a fascist like her. He inspires loyalty because he is loyal. A guy I’d want to follow. Driving in a circle with Miss I-know-everything-better-than-everybody-else till the engine explodes? No thanks. That you guys see the Snowpiercer as the safer choice surprised me. The train is a wreck that runs by plot convenience. If the endless civil war wont destroy it, it will fall apart.

    My interest in the forth season is to see how the Layton group survives. The constant back and forth in the Snowpiercer became repetitive and boring. Since there was as sea (liquid water) the temperature must be above zero degree Celsius. The easiest way to get food would be looting. The herds of cattle are probably frozen and still edible. If there is a city nearby there must be plenty of frozen food.

    • Paul Daley

      Thanks for writing! Are you in Germany?
      Yeah, we might have become biased over the seasons, but I like to think we’re open to new information as it comes along.
      Layton DOES have many leadership qualities – I can’t refute that. What he doesn’t seem so good at are the management skills that he needed (and admittedly never was allowed the time to develop). He can inspire loyalty by leading from the front, but once he gets what he wants he doesn’t really know what comes next. Again, it didn’t help to have Mr. W and other emergencies crop up, so the deck was always stacked against him on that.
      Good observation on the standing water vs ice in New Eden (a detail I missed).
      With yesterday’s announcement about the uncertain future of TNT’s scripted TV, I hope we get to find out if you’re right…

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