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Snowpiercer Ep 107
Snowpiercer Ep 107 photo by: Jesse Giddings Copyright 2020 by TNT

Big, big stuff happened on the train tonight, folks. Josie, the beating heart of the tail, caretaker of the sick and ailing, Mile’s Tail Mom, and Andre’s main squeeze has been struck down at Melanie’s hand. Well, I mean the fatally paralyzing cold did most of the heavy lifting on that, but I think it’s fair to chalk up Josie’s death to Melanie. I wonder where in the Wilford Industries Hospitality handbook “torture by freezing” falls?

Last week, Melanie was our savior. This week, she shows another side of that coin. Last week, she was willing to sacrifice herself for the good of the train. This week, we learn she’s willing to sacrifice anybody for what she see’s as the good of the train. Having Andre on the loose is a threat to the order she requires of the passengers and Josie represents her fastest way to reel Andre back in. Too bad for Josie.

After getting over the shocking ending of this episode, Paul and Cat ask:

  • They weren’t alone in the sub-train last week. Couldn’t Melanie have told Bennett or someone to go tend to Andre while she saved the train?
  • What is Javi’s deal? Is he with the program or not? (The program in this case is Melanie’s plan)
  • Ruth is right on the edge. Will she break if she learns the truth about Mr. Wilford?

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