Prepare to Brace! – The Snowpiercer Podcast (For Ep 106) – With Paul and Cat!

Snowpiercer Ep 106
Snowpiercer Ep 106 photo by: Justina Mintz Copyright 2020 TNT

All aboard! But are you sure you really want to get on? I mean, this train can only run for about 7 years straight before it starts falling apart. Good thing the train’s designer also heads up the Hospitality department. As we learned in Snowpiercer Episode 106, she’s a champion multi-tasker.

For an episode featuring the series’ most cinematic action sequences so far, we also received a fair amount of world-building and minor question-answering. All in all, maybe the best episode so far. Basking in that glow, Cat and Paul use this week’s podcast to discuss questions like:

  • Was this week’s brake failure actually sabotage? And if not, then what does that mean for future episodes?
  • Now that Andre is awake and mostly functional, he told Josie about the Mr. Wilford ruse. How long until that news reaches the tail? And what happens when it does?
  • Melanie told Andre a LOT of secrets before he released her to repair the train. How much of what she said was true?

We discuss these questions and more in the podcast! Listen, rate, review, and write in! We’d love to hear from you!

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Recorded at Pod Clubhouse Studios using CAST and edited by Paul Daley.

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