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Prepare to Brace! The Snowpiercer Podcast
Snowpiercer 102. Image copyright 2020 TNT.

This episode, “Prepare to Brace,” inspired the title of our humble podcast. This episode’s big event, the avalanche which blew out the cow car, has made me reconsider the wisdom of train-based arks though.

Ok, shoot me. When I heard that Mr. Wilford wanted a “significant arm” as retribution for the Tailies’ failed rebellion, my mind went straight to Strong Boy. After all, the best-fed Tailie had some pretty fearsome guns in Episode 1. Also, my poor, deluded mind didn’t think they’d hurt kids on this show. Even though the little girl’s mom Katnissed in and sacrificed her own arm, I now have to wonder if Snowpiercer is the kind of show that WILL hurt kids. I think it is.

The way Layton spat out “Night car” in the first episode, I was expecting to see some kind of brothel on wheels. That’s only partially correct. Part night club, part therapy space, part secret booty call location, the Night Car probably still holds more secrets. I bet we’re back there before we know it. Miss Audrey figures into this mystery more than she’s letting on.

In this podcast, we dive into issues like:

  • The avalanche sounds pretty cataclysmic for the train, so will conditions get worse on the train before it gets better? Can conditions ever return to where they were?
  • Layton has only been up-train for a day. Isn’t it a little soon to pull a stunt like the one at the end of the episode?
  • OK – stasis related sickness is a pretty standard trope. But will Nikki’s case drag out too long? We’re ready for her to talk!

We’ll be here every week with another podcast sorting out each episode’s new riveting revelations!

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