Prepare to Brace! The Snowpiercer Podcast! (Episode 204)

Snowpiercer 204 - "A Single Trade"
Snowpiercer 204 “A Single Trade” Unit 702700 12/18/19 ph: David Bukach

Our first episode without Melanie (unless you count the ping), and the Snowpiercer gods treat us to something the team at Prepare to Brace has waited very patiently for – the backstory between Miss Audrey. If you tell me that you foresaw another Kevin-esque bathtub scene featuring Miss Audrey submissive to Mr. W, then I advise you to take your powers of prognostication someplace that could earn you some extra money.

As podcasters completely outside the S&M scene, we’d like to know if any listeners can shed any light on what we’ve seen go on between this week’s main players, Miss A and Mr. W. In the podcast, Inez puts forth one theory but admits to having (supposedly) no experience with that lifestyle (supposedly). Write in and let us know if she’s on to something – we can keep your name out of it if so desired.

Other stuff we talk about includes:
  • Josie’s new status as Mr. W’s possible hostage (another trade)
  • Brand new frenemies LJ and Alexandra (another kind-of trade)
  • Till and the ongoing investigation of the hand-mangler

We discuss these plot points and more in this weeks’ podcast! Listen, rate, review, and subscribe to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen! And write in and leave us comments on, we’d love to hear from you!

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