Prepare to Brace! The Snowpiercer Podcast! (Episode 205)

Snowpiercer S2E5 "Keep Hope Alive".
Snowpiercer S2E5 “Keep Hope Alive”. Image by TNT. Copyright 2021.

So much happened this episode! Cat, Inez, and I do our best to break down the major events in every main characters’ story, but this was a very dense episode. If we missed something, it’s only because we were so excited to get to the next character’s revelations!

Stuff we talk about includes:

  • Layton’s leadership and whether it’s faltering or if he’s just finally learning what Melanie already knew
  • Ruth’s adjusted stance on lying to the train in order to keep hope alive
  • All of the ways in which Josie is a Badass
  • Zarah – manipulator or cheerleader?
  • And lots more about Mr. Wilford, Miss Audrey, and his attack on Snowpiercer (he’s so smooth he can start a war while on a date!)

We discuss these plot points and more in this weeks’ podcast! Listen, rate, review, and subscribe to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen! And write in and leave us comments on, we’d love to hear from you!

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