Prepare to Brace! – The Snowpiercer Podcast (For Episode 4) – With Paul and Cat!

Daveed Diggs. Photograph by TNT

How do you catch a killer on Snowpiercer? You hire a Train Detective, of course. What do you do when you actually find the killer? That’s when you pull out your ice axe (I looked up what ice climbers use) and take him out! Train justice for all and order prevails, right? Prepare to Brace! Rough track ahead!

Not quite justice for all. Do you think if Melanie had laid out the “vacation” in the drawers between assignments, he would have cooperated? Or solved the crime so fast? Come to think of it, do you think Melanie had his one-way trip to Drawers-land in mind the whole time?

In this podcast, Cat and Paul discuss questions like these and:

  • What is the precise nature of Melanie and Bennett’s relationship? Are these two keeping it strictly professional or are there additional benefits to working in the Engine?
  • What is LJ’s diagnosis? I don’t think it’s “normal person”. We’re thinking sociopath and discuss.
  • Are we still excited about this show now that murder has been solved? Were we looking forward to a police procedural type show set on an ark train? Or are we kind of glad that we’re getting something new?

We discuss these questions and more in the podcast! Listen, rate, review, and write in! We’d love to hear from you!

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Recorded at Pod Clubhouse Studios using CAST and edited by Paul Daley.

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