Prepare to Brace! The Snowpiercer Podcast! (Episode 206)

Snowpiercer S2E6 Many Miles From Snowpiercer
Snowpiercer S2E6 Many Miles From Snowpiercer. Image by TNT Copyright 2021

Last week, we ended the podcast by saying we needed to catch up Melanie and her adventure at the research station. In Many Miles From Snowpiercer, the writers gave us more than we asked for by pairing Melanie’s harrowing trial of survival with flashbacks. In so doing, many questions have been answered and many blanks spots from the time surrounding the ark train’s departure have been filled in. Without spoiling the contents of this podcast, I think it’s fair to share that all three hosts loved this episode.

Listen and you’ll hear us discuss:

  • The three “head” personalities that visited Melanie and what they may have meant
  • The depths of Mr. Wilford’s ass-holery
  • The final outcome of this episode – was it a dream or is Melanie well and truly screwed?

We discuss these plot points and more in this weeks’ podcast! Listen, rate, review, and subscribe to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen! And write in and leave us comments on, we’d love to hear from you!

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    • Paul Daley

      Definitely a possibility. But how would Mr. W. have known for long enough to make Icy Bob that he would need him for that purpose? The research station plan came up very recently.

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