Prepare to Brace! – The Snowpiercer Podcast (For Episode 3) – With Paul and Cat!

Snowpiercer Ep 103
Snowpiercer Ep 103 ph: Justina Mintz Image copyright TNT 2020.

Last episode we witnessed the night car’s various delights for up-train passengers. In this one, we saw Fight Night, an example of the depraved side of what passes for entertainment on Snowpiercer. I can’t wait to see what happens next week! Maybe a car dedicated to Cirque du Soleil, except the performers are never allowed to be out of character and always have to speak French (but no one else on the train speaks French). Plus, the performers have knives for hands. Should I have led with that?

Anyway, back to this episode. This time on Prepare to Brace!, Paul and Cat discuss:

  • For Fight Night, a man fights a woman – how close are we to that today?
  • The introduction of Terrance and the train’s drug trade. Could Andre and Terrance end up working together at some point?
  • That creepy doctor – what’s… what’s he doing with the people in the drawers?

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