Prepare to Brace! The Snowpiercer Podcast (For Ep 110) – With Paul and Cat!

Photo: Photograph by Justina Mintz

That’s it for this season, passengers! What started out one track, jumped those rails and took us for an entirely different adventure than we first expected. The team here at Pod Clubhouse loves how this season turned out and can’t wait for TNT to crank out season 2!

Wait a sec. Did someone say there’s another train?

We joked about there being another cold-proof vehicle early this season, but we didn’t take that possibility too seriously. Then again, when they say Mr. Wilford provides, I guess that covers providing for a back-up train in the case of your chief engineer stealing your main train. We (Paul and Cat) can’t wait to meet a guy so smart that he saw needing a second ark-train coming!

In this podcast, Paul and Cat discuss:

  • Our lament that we didn’t get to see Sean Bean appear in the series yet. We know you’re coming, Mr. Wilford!
  • Bennet seemed to go from cheerleader and right-hand man to secretive turncoat overnight. What does he know about the “supply train” and why did he try and hide its appearance until the last second?
  • Finally, we met Melanie’s long-lost daughter. Or did we? 

We discuss these questions and more in this weeks’ podcast! Listen, rate, review, and subscribe to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen! And write in and leave us comments on, we’d love to hear from you!

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Recorded at Pod Clubhouse Studios using CAST and edited by Camille Martin.

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