Prepare to Brace! The Snowpiercer Podcast! (Episode 207)

Snowpiercer 207 Our Answer for Everything
Snowpiercer 207 “Our Answer for Everything”. Image by TNT. Copyright 2021.

I’m starting to think that “Our Answer for Everything” is to run to the tail and start bashing skulls. That seems to be the only answer the upper classes of Snowpiercer want to accept for any given problem anyway. Cat, Inez, and I discuss a couple problems we had with this episode (like rushing to judgment in the breachmen murders) BUT overall, we really liked this episode.

Ruth has been forced to hold a harsh mirror up to herself and her past behavior and she hasn’t cowered or tried to abdicate her responsibility. SHE kept a myopic worldview of train governance and held it against Melanie. SHE thought, with every fiber of her being, that freezing a woman’s arm off was a reasonable punishment and great deterrent to future would-be insurrectionists. NOW she’s had to face both of those actions and discovered she can’t live as that person anymore. That’s pretty good character development, folks. We discuss what this might mean for her future though.

Other topics for discussion include:

  • Andre and his reign possibly coming to a premature end
  • Mr. Wilford and whether or not he’s controlling Miss Audrey
  • Till’s investigation and where it led

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