The Westworld Podcast (Episode 306) – With Mike, Caroline, and Cat!

Photograph Courtesy of HBO

Bring yourself back online. The Westworld Podcast is back for this week’s episode, “Decoherence”.

Westworld has been renewed for Season 4! 

This week, Caroline and Mike are joined by ShuffleOnline’s Cat to discuss Westworld‘s sixth episode of Season 3, “Decoherence”.  A Council of Williams! Hector is Back! Hector is Dead … Again! A Terminator-esque action sequence complete with Riot Mech. And, a car explosion ending with a CHARlores (puns!)! This episode of Westworld had it all.

In this week’s podcast, Caroline, Cat and Mike hit all the major plot points from this week’s episode and Mike makes a wildly incorrect prediction (have you heard, Westworld has been renewed for Season 4!). What is the significance of the Maze graffiti we’ve seen twice now this season? Does William coming around to believing he’s the good guy in his story make it true? We know two of Maeve’s allies being printed but who is the mystery third? Will Charlores, grieving for the loss of her child, stay #TeamDolores or defect to #TeamMaeve? And man, can we learn about Bernard’s role in all this already?!?!  So.Much.To. Discuss!

Listen and let us know your thoughts on what you’ve thought of Season 3 up to this point and what do you hope gets answered before the season finale in 2 weeks!

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