Westworld Episode 301 – Podcast with Paul, Kristin, and Wil!

Westworld Season 3
Westworld Season 3. Image by HBO copyright 2020

And just like that, after almost two years of waiting, we’re drawn back into Westworld (Westworld episode 301). Let’s take stock of where we are before diving into the episode:


Outside the park. Dolores travels all over the world, including LA, London, and China. Bernard, the scapegoat for the last two seasons’ massacres, only made it to the Philippines.


Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) – She’s turned all kill-bot on us now. Well, not completely kill-bot. In season 2, she killed humans left and right. In the premiere, we see her with a chance to kill “Jerry”‘s wife, but she doesn’t take it. Has she focused her need for revenge on only those that deserve it? Or does she have a Cylon-like long-game which will probably end up killing people like Jerry’s wife anyway?

Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) – Can’t a guy just butcher cattle in peace? That’s all the man wants, after all. Sure, he apparently has a shadow personality kicking around in his head, ready to answer the hard questions and nearly kill anyone around him, but don’t we all? Next time you go into hiding, don’t exchange your trimmed beard for a longer beard.

Caleb (Aaron Paul) – The new guy. Probably human and probably some kind of mesh between Season 1 Dolores and young William (pre-Man in Black). His life, like Dolores’, is caught in a loop of fairly meaningless tasks. His parent, like Dolores’, suffers from memory problems. He engages in a little adventure and rescues Dolores (kind of), like William. I think he, like William, will fall HARD for Dolores.

Hale (Tessa Thompson) – I think another Dolores brain-ball steers the Hale host-body. I’m not sure on the rules for copying brain-balls, but Hale has been placed in a very important position. As Delos’ acting CEO, she stands to play a very big role in whatever Dolores Prime (I just made that up) has in store.

Maeve (Thandie Newton) – We only got a glimpse of Maeve this week as she took in what must be “Warworld”. Something about that setting feels like the perfect place for her to raise an army. Something -else- tells me she might need one.

In the podcast, we cover these and a few more characters. We also hit the major plot points and attempt, and I stress attempt, to sort out points of confusion (of which there were more than a few).

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