Westworld Episode 107 – Flashback Podcast with Caroline and Paul!

If you’re reading this / listening to this podcast, we assume you’ve seen the episode.

With that out of the way… WOW! We had anticipated Bernard to be revealed as a host (a host-ified version of Arnold, actually), but didn’t expect it so soon or so devastatingly. Big reveal, very well done.

Maeve’s plan to escape doesn’t look like it will have a happy ending…

Delores is happy to have company on her journey to self- fulfillment, but don’t call her a key…

William is sounding more and more like the Man In Black with each passing episode…

Elsie is on “leave” since her abduction last week. That implies that whomever took her, could have made that change in the company computer… My money is still on Stubbs.

Cullen 1.0 is currently down. Look for Cullen 2.0 to debut soon! Now, with less betrayal and more compliance!

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