Westworld Episode 110 – Flashback Podcast with Caroline and Paul!

NOTE: I incorrectly credit Sergio Leone with directing The Magnificent Seven during the podcast. Apologies to John Sturges.

Where’d we end up?

Ford: Dead. Maybe. Killed by Dolores in front of the Delos Board of Directors. Another possibility includes the Ford we saw get shot was actually a host impersonator.

Dolores: Alive and making her own choices, the first of which is to murder Ford. When we left her, she was taking potshots at board members with a large revolver.

William: Confirmation of his identity as the Man In Black. Somewhat disillusioned after discovering his pursuit of the maze was all for nothing. When last seen, he’d been shot in the left arm and had suffered a pretty catastrophic break in his right arm at Dolores’ hands. But at least he was having fun.

Logan: Rode off into the sunset, naked and with only a feather to keep him company.

Hale: Had front row seats for Ford’s suicide/murder, making her in prime seating to get gunned down by Dolores.

Sizemore: Alone in cold storage wondering where all the robots went.

Bernard: Now with full recall of being a host-ified version of Arnold. Also at the gala/massacre in Escalante, but probably not in any danger.

Maeve: Also made her first programming-independent choice by getting off the train to find her “daughter”. This is a reunion made for disappointment.

Hector: Probably gunned down while “kicking up a row”, defending Maeve’s escape.

Armistice: Now just one-armed, but still causing mayhem in the mid-decks of Delos HQ.

Stubbs: Abducted by misbehaving Ghost Nation warriors and NOBODY said a thing.

Elsie: Missing and last scene being choked. No one showed the audience her body though.

Felix: Aided and abetted Maeve’s escape in a big way. Probably stuck in the elevator since the lights went out in the complex.