Westworld Episode 203 – Flashback Podcast with Caroline and Paul!

This week’s episode was more straightforward timeline-wise, but we took the same approach as last week. We split up the show into timelines (or storylines in the case of newcomer Grace), and explore them in sequence before moving on to the next one.

Now Timeline:

We find out if Hale survived the 2 weeks ago timeline and whether or not anybody kept track of Abernathy.

Two Weeks Ago Timeline:

Hale and Bernard search for Abernathy and find Rebus’ gang.

Dolores/Wyatt makes a deal with the Confederado Colonel and then alters it.

Hale makes a play for Abernathy leaving Bernard behind.

Maeve and her crew encounter some very out of place hosts that use swords more than words.

Pre-Season 1 Timeline:

We meet Grace vacationing in India-world and find out where the tiger came from.

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