Westworld Episode 102 – Flashback Podcast with Caroline and Paul

In episodes to come, we will look back at this one and say, “That’s the one everything was put into motion,” I bet. Although whatever Ford intends to happen must have required some steps having been taken prior to our introduction to him last week, this is when those plans are starting to bear fruit. This is when the good stuff starts. We talk about said good stuff including:

  • Newcomers William and Logan – what’s their possible relationship and whether Logan is a psycho back in the real world or not
  • All the HQ staffers including Bernie and Cullen’s lustful urges and Sizemore’s comeuppance
  • Maeve – her tumultuous life path from prairie massacre survivor to whorehouse madame, to robot revolutionary
  • The Man in Black and his gunfire-laden path to winning friends and influencing teenage robots
  • Ford – or robot-god (robo-god?) and what he might be up to

Check us out and see what you think!