Westworld Episode 105 – Flashback Podcast with Caroline and Paul!

We’ve seen enough.

There’s enough to work with at this point to adopt the Internet’s “multiple timeline theory” as being for real. In the podcast, we’ll talk about the couple of times this episode where you can spot the clearest evidence so far. The run-time on this episode is a little on the longish side, but did you see that episode? So much happened! We’ve added¬†Adam again this week and we just kept finding more to talk about. I know we’re late, but… you know. Adam and I had Dr. Strange tickets.

Let’s catch up with all of our favorite characters:

  • Delores: She shook off the prairie dress and, “aw, shucks,” persona and traded up for something more in the Lara Croft vein. She’s also been chatting with Arnold. The best theory going places Delores physically in the same location in two timelines. 35 years ago, she had an adventure with William and Logan. In the modern timeline, she’s retracing her steps and seeing her memories play out before her.
  • William: Wound up feeling conflicted about taking out an army delivery crew. Left Logan to fend for himself with the angry “Confederados” in Pariah. Go HERE to read about modern day descendants of the real Confederados.
  • Man In Black: The ultimate Westworld gamer has a chat with Ford and winds up reinvigorated in his quest for a real challenge. Although he can’t hurt Ford with his knife, his wicked tongue landed a few blows that no one else would dare attempt.
  • Ford: Secret, naked chat with Delores (Bernie never makes he sit there naked) and a trip into the park to see for himself just what in the heck the MIB is up to.
  • Elsie: Conducts her own investigation into what’s going on at Westworld HQ. We learn you do not want to be blackmailed by Elsie. She will crush you.
  • Bernie: Deeply concerned about Elsie’s data theft discovery.
  • Teddy: Looks like crap until he hears the magic words from Ford, and then, BLAM! He’s ready for action once again!
  • Maeve: Has developed more control over regaining her memories after a reset. Uses a gunshot wound to gain entry into Westworld HQ and wakes up.