Westworld Episode 101 – Flashback Podcast with Caroline and Paul

What an episode, right?

We have this show which has all the trimmings for Hollywood success:

AND it all seems to actually WORK for once! This show has that carefully polished sheen you’d expect from HBO these days, but it goes further than meeting expectations set by watching Game of Thrones. You get the sense that although we may be at the beginning of our adventure with Bernie and Delores, we’re actually very late to the party. Things have been happening in Westworld for a while, but now they’re getting interesting. Dropping us into the story like this gives us the natural desire to see the story move forward every week, but we’re also going to want to know a lot backstory. I love stories like this.

What we think here at Daley Review:

  • Dr. Ford is up to something. His final say over the software updates being pushed to the hosts gives him a vehicle for mischief.
  • Delores may know may than she lets on and just plays her part in order to stay out of trouble.
  • It’s probably against policy to kiss robots.
  • The imagery and concept behind the repeated showing of player pianos was very nice. We explain more about why we thought it was nice in the podcast [hint, hint].

We can’t wait for the next one. We’ll try and finish up the Stranger Things episodes as time permits. Just hang in there with us.

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