Podcast V – The Boys S4 E1 “Department of Dirty Tricks”

The Boys Season 4 Episode 1 "Department of Dirty Tricks"
The Boys Season 4 Episode 1 “Department of Dirty Tricks”. Antony Starr (Homelander), Claudia Doumit (Victoria Neuman). Credit: Jan Thijs/Prime Video. Copyright: © Amazon Content Services LLC

Election Night Mayhem!

Welcome to the premiere episode of Podcast V! In this episode, we dive into the electrifying start of The Boys Season 4 with the thrilling episode titled “Department of Dirty Tricks.” As President-Elect Bob Singer and VP Victoria Neuman celebrate their victory, chaos erupts when The Boys crash the party with an assassination attempt. Join us as we break down the intense action, character dilemmas, and other questions raised by this explosive episode.

Topics Covered:

  • Election Night Chaos: The Boys’ failed assassination attempt on Victoria Neuman and its repercussions.
  • Butcher’s Deteriorating Health: The impact of Temp V and his urgent quest to save Ryan.
  • Annie’s Struggles: Transitioning from Starlight to Annie January and the challenges she faces.
  • Hughie’s Family Crisis: Unexpected visits and their implications for his character.
  • Homelander’s Mortality: His confrontation with aging and recruiting Sage, the world’s smartest superhero, to become more dangerous.

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This podcast was recorded in Pod Clubhouse Studios and edited by Paul Daley.

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