Podcast V – Discussing The Boys (S2E7)!

Podcast V - Discussing The Boys - S2E7
Podcast V – Discussing The Boys – S2E7. Image by Prime Video. Copyright 2020.

Welcome to Podcast V – Discussing The Boys, the weekly podcast where Cat and Paul discuss each episode of Amazon’s The Boys! This week, episode 7: Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker!

No sophomore slump for this one. I sure hope the people that crapped on Amazon for deciding to release weekly have come back to the show, despite its old fashioned release style. Or maybe I don’t. Cat and I are happily enjoying a quality, unpredictable show and I think I’m ok with savoring it instead of gorging myself all at once. (I’m looking at you, Umbrella Academy).

In this podcast episode, Paul and Cat ask:

  • Billy spent a long time with his father this week. What was the lesson he and the audience were supposed to learn?
  • Ok, well sure. Now that Homelander has abducted Ryan, What’s his big plan? Raise him in Vought Tower? 
  • When Homelander and Becca argue over parenting style, Homelander actually makes a good point. Which parent is right?
  • Lamplighter seemed content to go along with the plan and atone for his sins against the Colonel by testifying against Vought. Then he decided not to. Could we have seen Lamplighter’s final decision coming?

Listen in to see what else we have to say about this week’s episode!


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This podcast was recorded in Pod Clubhouse Studios and edited by Paul Daley.