Podcast V – Discussing The Boys (S2E4)!

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Welcome to Podcast V – Discussing The Boys, the weekly podcast where Cat and Paul discuss each episode of Amazon’s The Boys!

This week, Cat and Paul are breaking down episode 4 of Season 2, “Nothing Like It in the World”! The Boys storytellers don’t explode any endangered species this week, but they don’t let up too much, either. So much stuff happened in this mid-season, extra-long episode, Cat and Paul could barely fit it all into one podcast!

In this podcast episode, Paul and Cat ask:

  • Who is Liberty? For real. Can we believe Liberty’s accuser and what she says about Stormfront?
  • Speaking of Liberty, who would benefit from having the Boys run down this lead?
  • For the love of God, What is the significance of Billy Joel to this series?
  • Billy found Becca, but she sends him packing. Can he get over being dumped in favor of Homelander’s son?

Listen in to see what else we have to say about this week’s episode!


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This podcast was recorded in Pod Clubhouse Studios and edited by Paul and Caroline Daley.

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