Podcast V – Discussing The Boys (S2E1)!

Podcast V - The Boys S2E1
Podcast V – The Boys S2E1. Copyright 2020. Image by Amazon Prime Video.

Some shows come and go in their annually scheduled slots and make you happy for what they are – but when they’re gone again, you barely remember what you even saw. The Boys isn’t that kind of show. Here at Pod Clubhouse HQ, when the chance came along to review and podcast for the show that saw a man use a baby as a laser weapon, Paul and Cat jumped at it.

In this first podcast, Paul and Cat examine each character by reviewing where the show left them at the end of season one. Then, character by character, they discuss where the Season 2 premiere picks up.

In this podcast, Paul and Cat ask:

  • Is this season setting up a redemptive arc for The Deep? If so, is he actually redeemable?
  • Speaking of The Deep, What do Eagle and Carol want with him?
  • Homelander and his attempts to control The Seven. Can he gain their loyalty?
  • Hughie’s back to acting pretty un-heroically. But what are he and Annie up to?

Listen in to see what else we have to say about the first part of this season 2 premiere triple-header!

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This podcast was recorded in Pod Clubhouse Studios and edited by Paul Daley.