Podcast V – Discussing The Boys (S2E3)!

Podcast V - The Boys S2E3
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Welcome to Podcast V – Discussing The Boys, the weekly podcast where Cat and Paul discuss each episode of Amazon’s The Boys!

First, it was babies as laser guns. Now, it’s speedboats as whale battering rams. Billy Butcher certainly leads the class in adaptability and violent creativity in dangerous situations. No one else, in this show or any other franchise, can make any kind of legit claim to that title.

In this podcast, Paul and Cat ask:

  • With A-Train snooping around Annie’s apartment, Is it wise for Hughie to have left a message on her burner phone?
  • Leaders of both groups struggled to find a way to re-build eroded loyalty within the ranks. Did Billy’s attempt to protect Hughie win the Boys over? 
  • A-Train may have woken from his coma, but he’s nowhere near full speed yet. Is he actually healed or is he headed for another heart attack?
  • Stormfront makes a curious addition to the team with her open hostility to basically everything around her. Did Edgar bring her in to challenge Homelander for control of the Seven?
  • Annie may be in over her head. Was she about to kill Hughie?

Listen in to see what else we have to say about the third part of this season 2 premiere triple-header!


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This podcast was recorded in Pod Clubhouse Studios and edited by Paul Daley.

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