Escaping Gilead! The Handmaid’s Tale Podcast (Episode 407)

The Handmaid's Tale 407 "Home"
The Handmaid’s Tale — “Home” – Episode 407 — June struggles with her newfound freedom, reuniting with loved ones and confronting her nemesis, Serena. June (Elisabeth Moss) and Serena Waterford (Yvonne Strahovski), shown. (Photo by: Sophie Giraud/Hulu)

Man, this scene felt good to watch. June has had a pretty frustrating last few weeks, what with getting shot, scaring her daughter, killing her friends, and getting bombed, June has needed a personal “win”. Angel Flight is great and all for Rita and the 85 kids – but none of them were HER kid. Sure, she got out of Gilead, but she has unfinished business there. In this scene, she gets to take a little something just for her and I for one (Paul) am glad she took it. In fact, I’m surprised she didn’t lash out and strike Serena. After all, Serena established during June’s pregnancy that a little hitting was perfectly OK. I just hope that this bit of completely justifiable catharsis doesn’t come back to bite June.

Paul and Caroline also talk about:

  • June’s adjustment to life in Canada
  • The Waterfords’ new uneasy alliance
  • The “love” scene with Luke
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  1. Bedilia

    The Hannah lake house story wasn’t a lie!! It happened back when June was pregnant with Nichole (she had her baby at that house). The whole exchange she conveyed to Luke DID happen. Hannah asked those questions, just like she told Luke. June DID omit her recent encounter with Hannah, as it was so painful.

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