Escaping Gilead! The Handmaid’s Tale Podcast (Episode 404)

The Handmaid's Tale 404 "Milk"
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Hopefully, listeners won’t get too frustrated with the number of times Caroline and Paul ask, “Why?” concerning this episode’s events. Although we’re glad to see June and Janine as far away from Gilead’s center of power as possible, their decisions never struck either of your loyal hosts as believable. Why a tanker car? How were they able to get out? Super jumping and arm-strength? Why shouldn’t they lose some toes or their feet if it was so cold? Why not hunker down in one of the Hum-Vees? Is that really the way they transport milk?

On the other hand, we -really- enjoyed watching Janine’s backstory. Not that we enjoyed watching a young woman go through a horrible time in her life – we WANTED that context for Janine. We knew she arrived at the Red Center already sort-of broken inside before they even took her eye. Now, from what happened before and at the end of this episode, we know she’s much stronger than has been revealed so far.

Paul and Caroline also talk about:

  • Rita’s Canadian adventure and her masterful handling of the Waterfords
  • Janine and June’s long history of give and take
  • Janine’s hidden strength
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For the first three seasons, you might have been listening to Paul and Caroline as the “Daley Review”, faithfully analyzing each episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. Since January of 2020, they’ve decided to team up with to form Pod Clubhouse and continue reviewing the show under that banner. You’ll get the same analysis and the same repartee only a married couple can give, just under a new name: Escaping Gilead! The Handmaid’s Tale Podcast!

“Ominous Ambience” by Viljami Mehto, licensed by Pod Clubhouse.

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