Escaping Gilead! The Handmaid’s Tale Podcast (Episode 405)

The Handmaid's Tale 405 "Chicago"
The Handmaid’s Tale – “Chicago” – Episode 405 – June seeks out more active rebels in the Chicago war zone, while Janine tries to help her fit in with their new group of survivors. Moira goes on her first field aid mission. Janine (Madeline Brewer) and June (Elisabeth Moss), shown. (Photo by: Sophie Giraud/Hulu)

Janine made fast friends in Chicago, but June had trouble being content with her new surroundings in “Chicago”. Unlike the observant, strategic thinker we met in Season 1, June has become more impatient and rash in her decision-making. Case in point, this week June essentially lost patience with Steven (Janine’s new boyfriend) and his unwillingness to pointlessly engage a superior force with his rag-tag, semi-armed squad of civilians. What a wimp! And just like that, June wants to jump ship for a more aggressive chapter in the Resistance. She never got the chance to find them though as wheelings and dealings back in Gilead-proper sent bombers headed straight for her.

Paul and Caroline chat up these plot points, as well as:

  • Aunt Lydia’s new ambitious streak
  • Commander Lawrence’s willingness to compromise anything to ensure his survival and advancement
  • Janine ongoing quest for a normal life in an anything but normal world
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For the first three seasons, you might have been listening to Paul and Caroline as the “Daley Review”, faithfully analyzing each episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. Since January of 2020, they’ve decided to team up with to form Pod Clubhouse and continue reviewing the show under that banner. You’ll get the same analysis and the same repartee only a married couple can give, just under a new name: Escaping Gilead! The Handmaid’s Tale Podcast!

“Ominous Ambience” by Viljami Mehto, licensed by Pod Clubhouse.

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