Escaping Gilead! The Handmaid’s Tale Podcast (Episode 402)

The Handmaid's Tale 402 "Nightshade"
(Photo by: Hulu)

Feeling the heat, June makes a very risky call in poisoning (that’s the “nightshade” in Nightshade) the local Jezebels clientele before securing the safe relocation of the other handmaids. Should she have, though? On the one hand, the only good Commander is a dead commander. On the other, June totally screwed up, got her allies killed / caught and herself caught. Caroline and Paul talk about the wisdom of that decision as well as:

  • Possible double meanings of the episode’s title and how they may ripple through the show’s events
  • That “romantic” scene on the bridge between June and Nick. Weird? Unbelievable?
  • The evolving role of Joseph Lawrence (is he still a Commander?) and whether or not he can be counted on to still act in June’s best interests
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For the first three seasons, you might have been listening to Paul and Caroline as the “Daley Review”, faithfully analyzing each episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. Since January of 2020, they’ve decided to team up with to form Pod Clubhouse and continue reviewing the show under that banner. You’ll get the same analysis and the same repartee only a married couple can give, just under a new name: Escaping Gilead! The Handmaid’s Tale Podcast!

“Ominous Ambience” by Viljami Mehto, licensed by Pod Clubhouse.

This podcast was recorded, edited, and produced at Pod Clubhouse Studios and is a Pod Clubhouse Original Production.