Podcast V – Discussing The Boys (S2E2)!

The Boys - S2E2
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Welcome to Podcast V – Discussing The Boys, the weekly podcast where Cat and Paul discuss each episode of Amazon’s The Boys!

For an episode entitled, Proper Preparation and Planning, we sure didn’t get see much fruit of either proper preparation, nor planning. In this podcast episode, Paul and Cat go character by character and discuss each of their big plot points, clarifying confusion and prognosticating predictions along the way.

In this podcast, Paul and Cat ask:

  • Now that we know Ryan has inherited Homelander’s powers, Does that make him the first person actually born with powers?
  • The Deep’s therapy sessions skewed toward the cultish with his use of the official Church of the Collective’s workbook. Again, What do Eagle and Carol have in store for the emotionally damaged amphibious super?
  • This episode marked the first dedication to presenting any backstory on Queen Maeve (or Maggie Shaw as she used to be known). What will Elena do with her new knowledge of Homelander’s evil tendencies?
  • Billy appears to cut a deal with “the Colonel” that would apparently fix all of their problems. Is he telling the truth or is that just more Billy Butcher swagger?

Listen in to see what else we have to say about the second part of this season 2 premiere triple-header!



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This podcast was recorded in Pod Clubhouse Studios and edited by Paul Daley.