The #blackAF Podcast (For the Premiere) – With Aisha and Ashley!

#BlackAF by Netflix
#blackAF by Netflix. Copyright 2020.

Aisha and Ashley discuss the new Netflix series, #blackAF, from Kenya Barris, the creator/showrunner of ABC’s Black-ish, America’s Top Model, Barbershop, Girls Trip, and more.

#blackAF is set in a documentary style, as the show is narrated by the second oldest child, Drea, who is using the footage to get into NYU Film School.  In this sitcom, we witness Barris’  blunt approach to his life, family and career, while trying to engage the audience with racially conscious commentary through his irreverent humor. Rashida Jones,  plays wife Joya,  and together with their 6 unique kids, this family is simply hilarious!

In this podcast, Aisha and Ashley discuss the first episode and introduce you to the characters, the premise of the show and start some racially conscious conversation on the notion of “White gaze”.

Join us as we cover #blackAF and discuss all 8 episodes.

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