The #blackAF Podcast (For Episodes 2 & 3) – With Aisha and Ashley!

Image by Netflix. Copyright 2020.

The #blackAF Podcast” is back. This week, Aisha and Ashley discuss Episodes 2 “Because of Slavery, too” and Episode 3 “still…because of Slavery”!

In these two episodes, Drea’s documentary continues and catalogs various themes such as parenting, drugs, the “adultification” of young Black women, work-life balance, Juneteenth, and more. The struggles of Barris, his wife Joya, and their 6 rambunctious kids continue, through a lens of unapologetic Blackness, co-mingled with irreverent humor.

Aisha and Ashley dive into the idea of perception vs. reality in the Black experience and the larger themes at work. Through that, they attempt to unpack the important social commentary and questions that the show and its creator Kenya Barris, bring to light.

You don’t want to miss this fun and informative convo! Join us as we cover #blackAF and discuss all 8 episodes! #blackAF #Netflix #blackAFNetflix #podclubhouse

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