Interview With A Celebrity (Leland B. Martin)

In this episode Interview With A Celebrity, Aisha and Ashley sit down with Leland B. Martin, one of the stars of BET’s hit series, Boomerang!

Leland B. Martin who recently returned in season two of the BET series “Boomerang”, plays Ari,  a handsome and charming struggling web-series director. Ari had an even bigger role this season, unapologetically being himself and living a sexually fluid lifestyle.

Aisha and Ashley ask about everything from life in quarantine to how he started acting to where he is now. Using the same head-on approach to serious issues they use in their #BlackAF podcast,  Aisha and Ashley ask Leland about his decision to take this role and how he feels about that decision today. If you haven’t seen Leland’s work yet, you’ll probably want to find it after listening to this podcast!

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Recorded at Pod Clubhouse Studios and edited by Paul Daley.