The #blackAF Podcast (For Episodes 5 and 6) – With Aisha and Ashley!

#BlackAF Image by Netflix. Copyright 2020.

The #blackAF Podcast” is back to discuss Episode 5, “yo, between you and me… this is because of slaveryand Episode 6, “hard to believe, but still because of slavery.

This week, Aisha and Ashley discuss the 5th and 6th episodes of Netflix’s #blackAF. They deliberate on what makes Black films “good” and dissect Kenya Barris’s convo with Tyler Perry. Issues of Black Motherhood and being a mom “in the trenches” while maintaining a solid marriage partnership also come up.

The relationship between Kenya Barris, his wife Joya, and their relationships with their 6 vibrant children continue, and Aisha and Ashley converse with a rich and conscious take on the particular themes and funny moments within the show.

Tune in and vibe with the realness of the dialogue, as we cover all 8 episodes of #blackAF #Netflix #blackAFNetflix #PodClubhouse

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