The #blackAF Podcast (For Episodes 7 and 8) – With Aisha and Ashley!

#BlackAF Image by Netflix. Copyright 2020.

The #blackAF Podcast” is back to discuss Episode 7, “i know this is going to sound crazy… but this, too, is because of slaveryand the season finale, Episode 8, “i know you may not get this, but the reason we deserve a vacation is… because of slavery.

This week, Aisha and Ashley discuss the final 2 episodes of Netflix’s #blackAF. The Barris family heads on vacation and it’s packed full of laughter, conflict, and eye-brow raising moments. The ladies reflect on the series as a whole and give their overall scores for the show.

You don’t want to miss this fun and informative convo!  #blackAF #Netflix #blackAFNetflix #PodClubhouse

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