The Outsider Podcast for Episode 10 – Podcast with Paul, Caroline, and Mike!

Photograph by Bob Mahoney/HBO

And just like that, we’re at the season (series?) finale of The Outsider! Last week’s episode left us with rifle shots being fired and no idea of the fallout. Who Lived? Who Died? Who’s Going to Tell Their Story? (Yes, we like Hamilton at Pod Clubhouse.)

For this week’s finale episode of The Outsider Podcast, Caroline, Paul, and Mike are joined by special guest, Adam Ramirez, the founder and moderator of “The Outsider Fan Group (HBO Miniseries)” Facebook group!  While we wait to hear if The Outsider will get a Season 2, the foursome dig into Episode 10, “Must/Can’t,” and try to work out some big questions, like:

Who had the most heroic death? Why did Seale run out into the open like that and did Andy’s actions make sense?

Did Jack do anything to redeem himself in the end? He could have easily killed Holly and Ralph but he didn’t. Was that his choice or El Cuco’s?

After a season of chasing the monster, were you happy with our heroes’ final confrontation with El Cuco?  

And last, what was up with Holly? From her behavior in the cave and her goodbye with Ralph to her strange behavior in the after credit scene, is Holly Gibney still OUR Holly Gibney?!?

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