The Outsider Episode 9 – Podcast with Paul, Caroline, and Mike!

The Outsider Episode 9 – Holly and Andy. Image by HBO copyright 2020

With only one more episode to go after this one, THIS episode had set up our characters like bowling pins. We got a few more minutes to see how much Andy seems to love Holly. We got to see how reluctant Alec felt about deciding to come and help. The audience finally got to see Ralph buy into this whole thing so much that he needed to try and keep the full truth away from Jeannie. She still almost hit a lady with her car over the details he DID share, so that was a good choice on his part.

Mike, Paul, and Caroline dig into the episode and ask each other the big questions, like:

Was the addition of Andy to the story necessary? Holly felt pretty complete, so why give her a love interest when no one else in the story had one?

The Flashbacks with the Weavers. Seale’s story provided a great background and a pretty good reason to go check out the local cave system. But was it effective to weave their story throughout the episode?

The gang somehow lost track of sharpshooting madman Jack Hoskins. How in the world did that happen?

The title felt like a Wizard of Oz reference. But why? What’s the connection?

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