The Outsider Episode 4 – Podcast with Paul, Caroline, and Mike!

The Outsider Episode 4
The Outsider Episode 4. Ben Mendelsohn as Ralph Anderson. Image by HBO. Copyright 2020.

This week on “The Outsider” Podcast, Caroline, Paul and Mike talk about The Outsider Episode 4, “Que Viene el Coco.” the show dropped sooooo much information in our laps this episode, but fear not. The Clubhouse Three break it all down for you in this podcast!

‘With every new piece of information uncovered by Holly’s investigation, new questions seem to arise. In larger life questions, have you ever been given life-changing advice from a bartender? Do you believe in the Devil? Did your parents raise you to fear the Boogeyman?

Join us in the Clubhouse as we figure out the mysteries of The Outsider, together!

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