The Outsider Episode 3 – Podcast with Paul, Caroline, and Mike!

The Outsider Episode 3
The Outsider Episode 3 – Cynthia Erivo as Holly Gibney. photo_ Bob Mahoney/ Copyright 2020 HBO

I think we’ve entered the stage where the audience is putting the mystery together faster than the characters, but are we right? In The Outsider episode 3, we got to meet Holly Gibney, a character central to an entire other series of King books (The Bill Hodges trilogy). What will her eccentric and possibly genius perspective bring to the investigation? She’s already looking into supernatural and unexplainable explanations. Will Ralph believe her, even if she’s right?

We also spent some quality time with Detective Jack Hoskins. Why would he go to that barn in the dark like that? What do you think bit him? How does a police officer afford so much time spent at the Peach’s Crease?

We examine these questions and more in the podcast!

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