The Outsider Episode 8 – Podcast with Paul, Caroline, and Mike!

Photograph by Bob Mahoney

Pod Clubhouse presents “The Outsider Podcast.” This week, Caroline, Paul and Mike discuss Episode 8, “Foxhead.”

“He’s Here … It’s Here.” This week’s episode of The Outsider set up the final endgame of the season! With all of our characters in one place, including El Cuco who seems to be 99.9% done with his transformation into Claude, it’s only a matter of time before good and evil come face to face for a final showdown!
The Clubhouse Three breakdown everything from this week’s episode and, with only two episodes left, we take bets on who will live, who will die and how the story ends! Join us in the Clubhouse and join in on our discussion! Leave comments on our website or on Twitter (@PodClubhouse)! #HBO #TheOutsider #TheOutsiderHBO #Foxhead #ElCuco #GooClaude #CaveStock
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One Reply to “The Outsider Episode 8 – Podcast with Paul, Caroline, and Mike!”

  1. Eileen Chiappetti

    They had El Cuco’s mask in an evidence bag on the desk in the police office. I wonder what DNA they will find on it because El Cuco was still in transition?
    Also I thought that the old guy was the dad. And what was with Wanda complimenting Park lady’s earrings and absolutely no response?

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