The Yellowstone Podcast (Episode 407)

Welcome to The Yellowstone Podcast!  Join Stef and Sheila each week as they discuss Paramount Network’s hit series, Yellowstone. This week on The Yellowstone Podcast, Stef and Sheila are joined by PCH’s Mike to discuss Episode 7 of Season 4, “Keep The Wolves Close”! 

Some of the Topics Discussed This Episode Include: Jimmy’s rite of passage at the 6666; the manipulation of Jamie by … everyone it seems; Beth caught off-guard by Market Equities phased expansion; John’s need for a legacy; a surprising run for Governor; and so much more!

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“Western Days” by ihsandincer, licensed by Pod Clubhouse.
“Tumbleweed Texas” by Chris Haugen, available through YouTube Audio Library License program.

The Yellowstone Podcast is a Pod Clubhouse original production, recorded and produced at Pod Clubhouse studios. This episode was edited by Caroline Daley and assembled by Michael Caputo.

4 Replies to “The Yellowstone Podcast (Episode 407)”

  1. jaredrexclark

    Enjoyed the podcast. First time listener.

    You make some fair points to defend Jamie. I personally think John knows Randall is apart of Jamie’s life. Also, Jamie has not mentioned anything to Kasey about looking into the hits. That is telling. John has been rough on Jamie, but Jamie plays a role in his own misery. Jamie knows his bio-dad attempted to kill the Duttons and he will keep trying to get it right. This includes Kacey who is the one person who has always loved and cared for Jamie. Yet, Jamie choices Randall, which now makes him a conspirator to murder. Jamie is mentally weak, and blaming dad is a weak excuse at this point. I could see Jamie snapping and doing something unforgivable. I could also see him emotionally falling apart. Last, John and Beth’s biggest issue with James if they don’t trust his judgment, and at this point, who can blame them.

  2. Robin

    I think Beth’s anger at Jamie is misplaced. I believe that even if he had told her about the policy of mandatory sterilization at the free clinic, young Beth would have consented out of desperation to end the pregnancy and keep it hidden from her father. She now at least gets to turn that anger outward on Jamie instead of on herself.

    • Michael Caputo

      Thank you for listening! I think this is a really good take on Beth and her anger. The question is, does she ever realize this before something happens to Jamie and it’s too late?

      • Jared

        I agree both were scared and acted out of fear. Beth has let fear get her twice and it cost her, her mother and the ability to have kids. She carries a lot of guilt and Jamie gets the burnt of that unfairly at times. However, Beth 100% believes Jamie was behind the hits, and after recent events he is now a conspirator to murder. This includes Kacey who has been the one person who has always loved Jamie. Bio-dad admitted he was going to keep trying. Jamie has been treated poorly at times, but cannot blame dad or Beth for his recent actions.

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