The Yellowstone Podcast (For Episode 310) – With Stef and Sheila

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Join Stef and Sheila each week as they discuss Paramount Network’s hit series, Yellowstone. This week on The Yellowstone Podcast, Stef and Sheila discuss Episode 10, “The World Is Purple,” the Season 3 finale!

This was a wild ride!  

Join our discussion: Is Mia’s ultimatum to Jimmy a fair one (and a big sigh for Jimmy, in general)? Do you think Kayce is jazzed at the notion of being a potential candidate for governor? What did you think about Rip digging up his Mama AGAIN? In the end, who had the upper hand at the very crowded meeting in the AG’s office (and doesn’t the State of Montana have conference rooms??)?

Theory time: The Duttons have plenty of enemies so who is behind the end of episode hit jobs? One coordinated attack? Separate events that just had miraculous timing? Who dies? Who survives? We’ll have to wait to next season to find out

Finally, as always, we end the episode with Teeter Talk!  

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