The Yellowstone Podcast (For Episode 309) – With Stef and Sheila

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Join Stef and Sheila each week as they discuss Paramount Network’s hit series, Yellowstone. This week on The Yellowstone Podcast, Stef and Sheila discuss Episode 9 of Season 3 of Yellowstone, “Meaner Than Evil”!

We’re back for the penultimate episode for Season 3 and we couldn’t be happier! Tonight’s episode had a lot of throwbacks to Season 1 and pushed each character’s arc just a little further.

Does Beth being untethered to Schwartz and Meyer makes her more dangerous now? And how epic was the showdown between the two most powerful women in Yellowstone? What does meeting his father do for Jamie (and yay for Will Patton joining the cast!)? Is Roark pushing Wade for personal or professional reasons now? Do we trust Walker now that he’s #notdeadyet? Are we ok with Monica agreeing to let Tate be homeschooled by John in the most relevant 2020 twist yet? Um, and how sinister was Rip this episode? We are here for it! 

Finally, as always, we end the episode with Teeter Talk!  

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