Meet At Delmonico’s: The Alienist Podcast (Episode 206)

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Welcome to Meet at Delmonico’s: The Alienist Podcast. Join Sheila and Mike each week as they discuss The Alienist: Angel of Darkness

This podcast episode, Sheila and Mike are discussing the sixth episode of Season 2 of The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, “Memento Mori”!

So many questions this week as Sheila and Mike deep dive this latest episode, like, when did Libby have time to recon the Vanderbilt baby (and steal family heirlooms)? Was Paulie’s act a cry for help? Does Sara have after morning sex regret? Does Hearst’s expose on Sara backfire on him? Lactophilia, yay or nay? Are our breasts harbingers of death?

WARNING: Given the subject matter of The Alienist this season, there is some blunt and brutal talk about plot points in this podcast, please be warned.

1:12.15 – Time Code for Start of History Corner.  This episode’s History Corner includes Harry Houdini and the August 25, 1896 wedding of Gertrude Vanderbilt and Harry Payne Whitney!

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