Meet At Delmonico’s: The Alienist Podcast (Episode 201)


Welcome to Meet at Delmonico’s: The Alienist Podcast. Join Sheila and Mike each week as they discuss The Alienist: Angel of Darkness

This episode, Sheila and Mike are discussing the Season 2 premiere of The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, “Ex Ore Infantium”!

After writing long form recaps of Season 1 of this fantastic series, Mike wanted to take the format to Pod Clubhouse, and Meet at Delmonico’s: The Alienist Podcast was born!  This week, Sheila and Mike break down the season premiere.  Sheila and Mike deep dive into what macabre mystery awaits us this season; our characters’ progress since we last saw them; why is John such a useless wet blanket; and so much more! 

WARNING: Given the subject matter of The Alienist this season, there is some blunt and brutal talk about plot points in this podcast, please be warned.

This episode’s History Corner covers: Elizabeth Cady Stanton; William Randolph Hearst; the Siegel-Cooper Store; and The Lying-In Hospital.

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