Meet At Delmonico’s: The Alienist Podcast (Episode 202)

Welcome to Meet at Delmonico’s: The Alienist Podcast. Join Sheila and Mike each week as they discuss The Alienist: Angel of Darkness

This episode, Sheila and Mike are discussing the second episode, or the second half of the 2-hour season premiere (depending on how you look at it), of Season 2 of The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, “Something Wicked”!

Sheila and Mike deep dive into the Baby Anna case developments from tonight’s episode (from Ruby Red Jointed Dolls at the Siegel-Cooper Store to poison and charcoal and baby smothering (oh, my)). Also, we talk about what it could mean for the season’s plot when the Dusters street gang becomes involved; is Dr. Markoe a red herring villain; is Kreizler coming unhinged with guilt over Martha Napp; who is EH; how will Lucius react to the threats from Byrnes; and much, much more! Also, CYRUS!!   

WARNING: Given the subject matter of The Alienist this season, there is some blunt and brutal talk about plot points in this podcast, please be warned.

This episode’s History Corner is jam-packed with interesting people and topics, including Cecilia Beaux; the Hudson Dusters; Goo Goo Knox; Potter’s Field; and Gansevoort Market.

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