Meet At Delmonico’s: The Alienist Podcast (Episode 204)

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Welcome to Meet at Delmonico’s: The Alienist Podcast. Join Sheila and Mike each week as they discuss The Alienist: Angel of Darkness

This podcast episode, Sheila and Mike are discussing the fourth episode of Season 2 of The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, “Gilded Cage”!

A lot of great discussion questions came out of tonight’s episode, such as, were you surprised to learn that immigrants in 1897 were treated maybe even worse than we treat them today? Is Sara making impulsive decisions and placing Bitsy in harms way in order to achiever her goals? Was John right to go off on Sara at the engagement party? Was Sara right to voice her concerns that particular time? How well done was the TWIST and what were your thoughts on that final scene? Nightmare fuel for days!  Sheila and Mike discuss these items and so much more!  

WARNING: Given the subject matter of The Alienist this season, there is some blunt and brutal talk about plot points in this podcast, please be warned.

56:40 – Time Code for Start of History Corner.  This episode’s History Corner is jam-packed with interesting people and topics, including “The 400” and the real NY Journal headlines from Friday, June 4, 1897!

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