Little Fires Everywhere S1E5 “Duo” – Podcast with Stef and Lauren!

Little Fires Every where S1E5 "Duo"
Little Fires Everywhere S1E5 “Duo”. Image by Hulu copyright 2020.

Lauren and Stef cover Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere, Episode 5, Duo. This episode shows motherhood through a lens of diversity. One where class, race, age, and socio-economics determine mothers’ decisions in unexpected ways. We see Lexi choosing abortion to protect her reputation, relationship, and future at Yale. Last episode, we experienced Bebe, fearful for her hungry daughter’s life left her baby at a fire station, suffer from deep regret.

We also see Linda, Mirabelle’s adoptive mother deeply sad and scared to once again possibly face the loss of a child she deeply wants and loves. We also learn more of a twist in how Mia came to mothering Pearl, which explains her need to lay low. Elena, a mother of four, even spends some time in New York City; we see her wonder how differently her life could have been had she chosen career-life over her family.

With so many choices to make as a woman, mixed with circumstantial complexity is there a RIGHT way?

Listen as Lauren and Stef explore these ideas: #abortion #illegalImmigration, #adoption  #identity #workingMothers, #relationships, #affairs and #motherhood

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