Little Fires Everywhere S1E2 “Seeds and All” – Podcast with Stef and Lauren!

Little Fires Everywhere S1E2 "Seeds"
Little Fires Everywhere S1E2 “Seeds”. Image by Hulu. copyright 2020.

This week, Stef and Lauren discuss Hulu’s “Little Fires Everywhere, Episode 2 – Seeds and All”.   This week’s episode focused a lot on the relationship between mothers and daughters.

Listen as we discuss Elena and Mia’s first day of working together. Why is Elena so lenient of Mia as an employee?

Meanwhile, we see Izzy face more ridicule at school, and her reaction is explosive. Pearl meets opposition from the school counselor, and we are very intrigued by how she handles it or rather how it’s handled for her.

We see a small bridge begin to form between Mia and Elena when Mia rescues Elena from a very awkward book club situation, and the two seem to start building a friendship, but will it last?

Lastly, We discuss the relationships beginning to form between Izzy and Mia as well as Elena and Pearl. Mia does not like the crack she’s starting to see in her relationship with Pearl.

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