Little Fires Everywhere S1E4 “The Spider Web” – Podcast with Stef and Lauren!

S1 Episode 104 ‘The Spider Web’
S1 Episode 104 ‘The Spider Web’. Image by Hulu. Copyright 2020.

Lauren and Stef break apart Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere, Episode 4 “The Spider Web”. Unraveled, torn, and controversy, are feelings one could experience after viewing this episode. Our hosts wonder, why is Mia so deeply invested in helping Bebe get Mirabelle back? Why is Elena not revealing her suspicion about Mia’s involvement with Bebe to her best friend, Linda? Is Elena HIDING something more? We question Izzy’s artistic motivation and Pearl’s sudden change of social scene.

Themes of social justice, defending the weak from the strong, are expressed through Mia and privilege vs. underprivileged, are seen through Elena and Linda vs. Bebe. Touchy topics: #adoption, #illegal immigration, #coming out, #relationships, #motherhood and first-time sexual experiences are here as well. “Friendships” seem to be crumbling, as the drama builds and the “web” of lies are beginning to become exposed. Just like a spider web, have these character’s lives been connected at some previous point?

Lauren and Stef give you their opinions, all in their signature Southern style! We’ll have to keep watching to find out!

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