Little Fires Everywhere S1E3 “Seventy Cents” – Podcast with Stef and Lauren!

S1 Episode 103 ‘Seventy Cents’
S1 Episode 103 ‘Seventy Cents’. Image by Hulu. Copyright 2020.
Lauren and Stef break apart Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere, Episode 3 “Seventy Cents”. The episode presents us with the scenario of two separate women being short just seventy cents on their purchases, yet HOW differently the impact on their lives: one being LIFE-Altering, and the other going unnoticed. Our hosts wonder, did Bebe try hard enough to find resources for her baby before giving up? OR are we actually blinded to the struggles of others and also blind to good fortune? Elena advises Izzy to shape her story in ways she wants others to believe. We examine this sentiment, whether this advice is good or bad, and also will it be deeply impactful to the plot of the series moving forward?

Taboo Themes

The taboo themes of privilege, entitlement, and secrets present much to be discussed. Touchy topics:  #illegalImmigration, #hunger, #adoption  #identity #sexualIdentity, #relationships, and #motherhood are here in full force.  A regretful decision has led to the consequence of sorrow for Bebe, and as the drama builds, we must decide if she was ever at fault in her circumstance, and if so, does she deserve redemption? With Mia invested in helping, it leaves us suspicious that the character’s lives been connected at some previous point? BUT HOW?? Lauren and Stef give you their takes. We’ll have to keep watching to find out!
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